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FPOS Intermediate (FPOS I) Course in SCOTLAND

FPOS I course: We have utilised our vast military and security experience to provide the FPOS I (First Person on Scene) course. This course will develop your skills and teach you how to rapidly assess a situation as well as stabilise and transfer a victim of trauma in an emergency.

FPOS I course: The FPOS training qualification is necessary for a range of professions from medical and emergency services to security. It will teach you how to remain calm and confident in your abilities, to deal with a situation in the crucial moments after a specific event and minimising the risk of further damage or infection.

FPOS I course: The FPOS I training course is carried out near Glasgow. For FPOS training, Scotland is a great place to learn due to the ease in which different environments are available in such close proximity. Because of this we find that for completing your FPOS I course, Scotland is the ideal location.

FPOS I 4 days £350

FPOS I Refresher 2 days £250

Close protection + FPOS I 16 days £1500

FPOS I & MIRA 9 days £1000

Close protection, FPOS I & MIRA  21 days £2250

 * All prices are subject to Vat



FPOS I Refresher


FPOS I Training Courses scheduled in Glasgow Scotland 

Our FPOS training courses are held between Glasgow City Centre and Loch Lomond in Scotland where have accommodation deals for as little as £30 per day. Please feel free to get in touch if you require any further information on any of our courses.


*All prices are subject to Vat

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